Lego Hillsborough

150 years of SWFC


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As you will more than likely know, this year we celebrate 150 years of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club.

I therefore decided to make something as part of the celebrations. Combining two childhood passions, I have started to make Hillsborough Stadium out of Lego.IMG_0558After speaking to the club, it was agreed that once completed it would be a nice exhibit for one of the many events the club will be hosting as part of the 150th year celebrations. 

When the stadium is complete, it will be filled with mini figures as part of a half and half exhibit. For this to happen I need to finish the stadium sooner rather than later as the club will not be able to exhibit it if it is left too late and funding the project in a short period of time isn’t easy!

That is where you come in.


To help fund this project I am asking for donations. You can make a donation by clicking on donate at the top of this page, I am grateful for all donations. Any and all will be huge help towards completing the project.

BUT if you want to get more involved you can donate to the project and keep a part of it!

For a donation of £10 you can keep one of the mini figures that will be used as part of the exhibit these are not available yet but should be in the near future.


Once the stadium is complete there will also be advertising boards around the pitch. For a donation of £20 you could have your business advertised around the pitch.

Both of these options are also available on the donate page.