Mini Figures

Multi figures!

Minifigures are no longer on sale as they we aren’t customizing them anymore. The limited number that i made will be put on sale shortly at a discounted price. Please follow us on twitter for more detail. @legohillsboro

Want to own your own piece of the project?

You can order one of the mini figures that will be used as part of the crowd!

A great keep sake from the anniversary year!IMG_0649Please Read before buying:

The kit may differ slightly as the club have not yet released this years shirt so changes to the figure may be needed.

As it is unknown when the club will be exhibiting the project, a delivery date cannot be set. All figures will be sent out as soon as possible after the exhibit closes.

Making it personal! When you check out you will be able to leave a message, please leave a note of your preferred gender, hair colour and what age band the figure head should be (child, adult, older) e.g. Male, black, older.

If you have any issues please email us at